Studio MDA

Whatlf HQNY


Headquarters, New York, 2005

New York | 2005

StudioMDA renovated an existing 4-story building for WhatIf?, an innovative marketing company located on the east side of Manhattan. The goal of the studio was to incorporate the company’s unique method of marketing by using creative means to foster creative ideas in a creative environment. In order to maintain a clear hierarchy of elements, programmatic functions were stacked vertically between the cellar and third floor. The cellar is designated as the showcase zone, where the projection rooms, reception, and a new studio can be found. The tree house, dining room, and kitchen are all located on the first floor. The Quiet and Collaboration Zones are situated on the second and third floor. These zones consist of a library, living room, and series of offices. Each floor has been colorfully coordinated to match the programmatic and stacking qualities of the interior layout of the building.