Studio MDA

West Village Townhouse

The Twist

Residential, New York, 2002

New York | 2002

The brief was to turn a Landmarked Townhouse into a modern, flexible home, while maintaining the identity of the apartment’s bottom floors. The client desired a maximum of space and light on the modernized top floor.

The solution was to create a “journey” through the house, maintaining the character of the bottom two floors, using dark stained wood flooring and white walls. As you get to the top floor (the master bedroom), the plan turned into a section, the floor being white and the wall being a dark wood ribbon, unfolding into the open space, creating the bathroom, while providing cabinets. In the center of the bathroom the glazed shower opens into the sky, a light box within the dark wood ribbon. Two large sliding doors inside the ribbon allow for multiple sub-divisions of the top floor.

By creating a sensitive approach to modernizing a Land marked building, the top floor and its use of materials and colors, created a harmonized transition from old to new. The placement of the bathroom in the center of the space, allows for a generous light flow from both sides of the Townhouse, and through the shower to the sky.