Studio MDA

Malawi Academy for Girls

Raising Malawi

Academy for Girls, Malawi, 2009

Malawi | 2009

The design of the Raising Malawi Academy for Girls has involved cutting edge environmental analysis with appropriate technologies to achieve a range of sustainability goals including, passive ventilation, and natural light in every building. Most construction materials are sourced locally, such as Hydraform bricks, made from soil on site, avoiding the use of burned bricks which have been largely responsible for wide spread deforestation in Malawi. The campus is located fifteen minutes north of Lilongwe, the capital city of Malawi, on a verdant, 46-hectare site with views out to the Lilongwe valley and mountains beyond

The campus has been designed as a collection of inspiring indoor and outdoor spaces for learning. Each classroom receives light and air from at least three sides and articulated double roofs systems above each classroom create optimal temperature and light for learning.

Each dorm houses thirty-six girls and forms a courtyard at its center to inspire a sense of community. A younger teacher will live with the students in each dorm and seventeen senior teachers will live with their families in staff housing at the entrance to the campus. The headmaster will also live on campus and her house and garden will act as a home away from home.