Studio MDA

Paul Kasmin Gallery

Paul Kasmin Gallery

New York, 2011

New York | 2011

Located in the densely populated gallery neighborhood of Chelsea in Manhattan, the Paul Kasmin Gallery is a renovation project that seeks to create a new dialogue between the pedestrian and art. Once a former popular nightclub, the design for the gallery attempts to create a clean, open room that is drawn to the street via a large storefront system. It creates an atmosphere, which maximizes the focus on the art in a setting that seamlessly connects the interior and the exterior. The gallery features a floor to ceiling glass façade, seamlessly creating a visually connection between visitors and the inside environment, while allowing large pieces of art to be delivered.

The interior benefits from a skylight. It provides the room and artwork with perfect lighting for viewing. The façade has two defined architectural attributes, the storefront glazing system and a full height aluminum façade which functions as a continuous loading dock. While the perforated gate provides security, the open design allows art to be showcased even when the gallery is closed.

Photo credit: Roland Halbe & Karen Fuchs