Studio MDA

Holmenkollbakken Ski Jump

Holmenkollbakken Ski Jump

Ski Jump, Oslo, 2007

Norway | 2007

The fluidity and grace of the sport of ski jumping demands a parallel architectural expression. The new Holmenkollen Crystal is the analog of the linearity of the sport of ski jumping; its fluidity of sequence; its exhilaration through speed; and its poise of mechanics. The Holmenkollen Crystal celebrates the symbiosis of aerodynamic aesthetics and the embracing quality of the jumps converging structure to commune sport and arena.

The folding outer walls of the Holmenkollen Crystal serve as a windbreak for the athletes, as well as embracing arms uniting the arena and jump as one. The convergence wraps and encloses spectator with athlete; start house with bowl. Although the jump and the arena are distinctly isolable parts of the program, they are no longer separate entities, referent to the ski jump archetype. Instead now there is one fluid motion. As it is in the sport, it is now in the architecture. The converging enclosure engages the spectator to its pinnacle, at which the launch will begin. The edifice’s aerodynamic aesthetic makes specific reference to the speed and fluid mechanics of the sport and heightens the thrill of being witness to the most spectacular of ski sporting events.