Studio MDA

Greenwhich Residence

Greenwich Street

Residential, New York, 2007

New York | 2007

Situated on a corner site in New York’s Greenwich Village, studioMDA designed a proposal for a client who wanted a house that focused more on continuous flowing spaces than individual programmatic elements. Using multiple levels of multiple functions, the house was arranged with solar limitations and the changing zones of living in mind. Various functions of a house are used throughout the day, bedrooms in the morning and evenings, the living room in the evening, etc. Responding to these various living requirements, studioMDA created a programmatic matrix that was able to locate where spaces could be located based on function, necessity and solar gain.

The living spaces of the home: the kitchen, dining room, living room and TV room were interconnected through a floating circulation strategy. Various zones were interconnected by stairways and visual connections were created throughout the zone. The bedrooms were stacked upon one another, away from the living and recreation areas but near the evening terrace with privacy their main motive. The client’s offices were located in a zone that was respectable to noise and mid-day functions as they were to primarily be used in the evenings yet retain a view to the outside.