Studio MDA

Govenors Island

Governors Island Biomass Park

Master Plan, New York, 2006

New York | 2006

Welcome to the Biomes Park, the platform for a unique experience that will raise awareness of the importance of human relationships with nature in a very enjoyable, proactive, educational, and fun way.

The Biomes Park takes an existing historic site and implements contemporary ideas to create a place that represents the future of New York City; a future that is self-sustaining and combines technology and nature to create an active setting that is conscious of our environment and beckons tourists and residents alike. The tower will accommodate the necessary development floor area, while maintaining a maximum of green park area.

The Biomes Park will be the largest and most developed indoor and outdoor park in the world, offering two contrasting biomes, with all the tourist amenities. Here in the Rainforest on Governors Island, people can experience another kind of jungle, one of tropical delight. Here visitors will be enclosed in a temple of forest trees, draped with vines and exploding with tropical flowers. As you move from the smell of fertile soil on the ground through the warmth of moist air to the canopy walkways, you will learn about this incredible landscape. The layers of the Rainforest each respond to different light conditions, from the darkness on the forest floor, to the dappled sunlight through the middle section, up to the bright and airy tops of the forest. The architecture will be used to amplify these conditions and make them accessible to the public.

New York City, which hosts a major tourist culture, is the ideal setting for a project of this scale. The site is remote in its atmosphere yet close in proximity. The Biomes Park is a contrast to the City, which makes it attractive to both tourists and the vastly diverse local communities. The Biomes Park creates a dichotomy with the City that is completely unique from any other type of tourist attraction in the world.