Studio MDA

Ed Ruscha Exhibition

Ed Ruscha: Ribbon Words Exhibition

Edward Tyler Nahem Fine Art, New York, 2016

New York | 2016

The Ed Ruscha: Ribbon Words Exhibition, curated by Dieter Buchhart, was designed by studioMDA in May 2016. This exhibition featured over fifty iconic examples of these works from museums, private collections, as well as the artist himself. According to Nahem, “Ruscha creates the urbanscape of irony and incongruity that we as denizens stretch to make peace with. He seizes a concept and concisely excises all but what the viewer absolutely needs to visualize. It’s then up to the individual to run with it within his or her own imagination.” The color used on the walls highlights the color palette and texture used by the graphite and gunpowder materials in Ruscha’s work.

Photo credit: Adam Reich