Studio MDA


Dublin Tower

Tower, Ireland, 2003

Ireland | 2003

The project has been designed analyzing social behavior, contextual urban relationships, the latest technology for environmental performance, acoustical research, hybrid fa├žade systems, and sustainability models, while reflecting the spirit and attitude of the Docklands.

The building consists out of two main gestures:

1 The concrete surface and the fluid lozenge shaped mesh skin, wrapping around the static concrete pier, as it tilts to the sky.

2 With 180 degrees view of the Docklands, on the top two floors of the tower is the proposed U2 recording studio.

The concrete pier emerges slowly from the ground, before it sharply turns to the sky. The soft tube rests on the ground, softly emerging over the horizontal pier. It then gently bends around and interlocks with the towers core, as it stretches vertically to the sky.