Studio MDA

CMOC Award

Children's Museum of Manhattan Awards

Cultural, New York, 2012

New York | 2012

Every year, The Children’s Museum of Manhattan hosts a fundraising Gala where they recognize a corporation and an individual for their service and dedication to the museum and the cultural arts. StudioMDA has contributed to this event by designing an award for both The Corporate Award and The Luarie M. Tisch Award.

The Corporate Award recognizes a corporation that demonstrating philanthropic leadership and a dedication to the arts, children, health and education in New York City. Unlike the Laurie M. Tisch Award, corporations generally have an impact on a much larger scale. In this award, studioMDA sculpturally portrays the interaction between a parent and child. This moment acts as a symbol that represents the many families that have been touched by the work of a corporation.

In honor of Laurie M. Tisch, The Children’s Museum of Manhattan recognizes an individual or family for their civic responsibility and action. Leaders chosen for this award are capable of cultivating the skills and creativity of anyone they come in contact with, making them shine beyond their perceived capabilities. studioMDA has channeled this idea into the design of this award by creating a symbolic hand that captures the light of the sun. By doing do, this sliver of captured light appears to shine brighter than the entire sun.