Studio MDA

Chappaqua Residence

Chappaqua Residence

Residence, Chappaqua, 2006

New York | 2006

A series of studies was done to establish the family’s circulation and activity patterns and create the perfect kitchen layout in relation to the house configuration.

The Mud Room entrance, an important feature of country living was moved from the back to the side of the house, adjacent to the driveway, optimizing visibility and character. The deck was reconfigured to have stairs that lead to the mudroom, where visitors would have a clear view of the service and family entrance to the house.The existing small Pool-house, pool, and its mechanisms were old-fashioned. The proposed Pool-house had to have vernacular details incorporating the new construction because of the local Architecture Board. A balance between modern and vernacular was achieved by designing a symmetrical façade clad with wide planks and modern details.

The modern rectangular pool still has the mandatory fence surrounding it, but the fence was has been recessed, sitting almost invisibly on the bottom of the hill where the pool lays.