Studio MDA


Center for Advanced Mobility

School of Automotive Engineering, Aachen


The Center for Advanced Mobility is a groundbreaking symbiosis between nature and technology, functionality and dynamic form, as it combines high performance laboratories within the urban environment. Wind studies were used to develop the dynamic shape of the building which provides an optimal wind flow for the Aachen inner city and a maximization of ventilation for the Center.

The challenge was to develop a new building with 50,000 total net area for the departments electrical & information engineering, mechanical engineering, and aerospace engineering for the University of Applied Sciences. The combination of theory and pragmatism will facilitate integration between public and semi-public spaces and will stimulate intercultural and interdisciplinary collaboration. The Campus maximizes the use of green space and creates public and semi public recreation zones with a total of 7,500 sf. A campus ramp connects the large lecture hall in the lower level with the exterior. The forecourt creates a public living room that will augment the quality of urban space for students, professors and residents.