Studio MDA



Sports Center, New York, 2011

New York | 2011

Located in an historic industrial loft building in downtown Manhattan, ExerBlast is a family-fitness facility that synthesizes interactive technologies and physical obstacles with the use of dynamic spatial organization.

The 6,000 square foot space, covering two floors, is divided into multiple zones that include a rock wall room, a core-strengthening room, an open room with surfaces for projected media, a multipurpose/party room, and administrative offices. Connecting all of these elements is a blue, circuit-like paint design called the Power Path. It directs the flow of activities throughout the space. The delineation of surfaces for the projection of interactive games further coordinates the experience. On the stairs, between the ground floor and the basement floor, open views into multiple spaces help to visually create one continuous active space.

The careful delineation of surfaces, amid the forward-moving blue lines, coordinates the overall experience as floors and walls become canvases for the projection of interactive games.