Studio MDA

Tracy Anderson Dance Studio

Tracy Anderson Dance Studio

Dance Studio, New York, 2007

New York | 2007

Designed to be seen as an extension of its clients’ homes, the Tracy Anderson Method Studio, founded by Tracy Anderson and Gwyneth Paltrow, links a variety of spaces with atmospheric qualities that are in tune with a healthy, active, holistic lifestyle. Certain spaces are intended to stimulate physical activity while others are designed for relaxation before and after work-outs.

The bright space, triggered by the huge loft windows, makes the studio feel at home in the distinguished area of Tribeca and creates a venue where exercise and city life mesh to accentuate the Method as being a part of one’s daily life.

The soft materials and flowing natural light of the gym invoke comfort while the excitement of the Method’s steel cubes, kick-bars, band system and spring mounted dance floor appeal to the notion of kinesis. StudioMDA created an interior inspired by physical motion to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle.

credit: Marc Lins