Studio MDA

Nahmad Contemporary

Nahmad Contemporary

Cultural, New York, USA, 2013

New York | 2013

Nahmad Contemporary, the first art gallery of Joseph Nahmad, is a renovation project that was designed by studioMDA in 2013. It is located on Madison Avenue between East 76th st. and East 77th st. The newly designed gallery maximizes the ceiling height, and subsequently increases the area of wall space. This allows the gallery to exhibit large pieces of art while eliminating any feeling of congestion and compactness. Previously exposed building systems are now concealed - only the lighting systems remain visible. By doing so, the contrast between highlights and shadows enhances the ceiling design. This feature does not compete with the work being exhibited due to the neutrality of tone produced by the combination of wall color and lighting. The evenly lit space de-emphasizes any area of visual importance to provide an open zone for curation.

Photo credit: Roland Halbe