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Dirimart Gallery

Dirimart Gallery

Istanbul, 2016

Istanbul | 2016

Located in the Dolapdere neighborhood in Istanbul, Dirimart Gallery established its second gallery space in May 2016, becoming the city's largest commercial art space, totaling 5,813 sq.ft. With ceiling heights up to 15.4 ft. and a total of 3,939 sq.ft of hanging walls, the architecture manifests the flexibility of the space, enabling the owners to transform and divide the ground floor into various scale exhibition rooms.

Besides the open 3,445 sq.ft exhibition space, the gallery hosts the reception area and a book storage nook in the front, as well as a viewing room, storage space and offices for the owner, director and the staff of the gallery in the back. Additional storage space is located in the underground level of the building.

The up to 16 ft glass facade enables the gallery to connect with the city life in the front and with a Japanese style garden on the side of the gallery. The landscaped exterior space hosts sculptures and outdoor installations and serves as an outdoor event space when needed for the gallery. A large custom made sculptural handrail at the entrance door imposes the character of the gallery to a uniform existing glass facade guiding the visitor to the interior of the gallery.